How to be more productive and organized

It feels like ages since I didn’t post anything in english…But it is never too late!

Today I wanted to share with you my most effective habits and tips to be more organized and productive, but before digging into the article you need to know that nothing happens without a strong will so If you want to make a change in your life you need to WANT it!


How to be more productive and organized

I use different « tools » daily to set my organization routine, I mainly use notebooks, planners on paper versions but also apps on my phone and on my laptop so you are free to choose what ever suits you the best.

I mainly use a basic notebook for my morning pages, post it (the small one for reminders, and the big one for my shopping list, meal prep etc…), a big planner for my brainstorming and my to do list, a small notebook for my studies tasks and finally a notebook to write down all my expenses and organize my finances.

Once you have the tools you need to use them proprely so here are my easy steps:

1- coffee first:

How to be more productive and organized

Yes this is cliché but it works! before planing your day or your week you need to be in your usual confortable environment and make your mind so if you are like me and need a coffee then get one!

One thing that can be helpful but a little tricky is to keep a morning journal where everyday you would write down 3 pages it is called « morning pages » and it can help you to free your mind and declutter your thought.

2- Brain storming:

How to be more productive and organized

Basically the most important step is to write down on your planner (or what ever you use) all the tasks you have to do. We I say all I mean ALL for example:

  • Go to the library
  • take m night infusion
  • Check my emails
  • do the washing up…

It is important to put easy daily tasks because you are more likely to do them easily and this way once you cross them out of your To do list (as I like to call) you will feel more motivated to the the rest because you have done something! (do you get what I mean?)

3- Priorities:

Set your priorities! try to have not more than one BIG important task per day this way you will manage more effectively your time and energy to make it.

For instance:

  • I always highlight the most important task of the day with a yellow marker because it pops out better (and I also love yellow)
  • I highlight in grey the goal of the week which I try to achieve during that week (or day it is up to you)
  • I Cross out any task I do

Once you priorities set, learn how to delegate. You do not always have to do everything by yourself…

4- Always remember important things:

How to be more productive and organized

Make sure you use post-it’s or notes to take with you the most important goals of the day or the week.

Keep it in sight:

How to be more productive and organized

What is the point of setting goals and tasks if you forget them? Find a way to have in front of you your importants tasks, meetings, deadlines….So you always stay focused!


If you want to be productive you need to be the best friend of you calendar! I find no other best calendar than the Outlook one. it synchronizes automatically with your phone (you need to have the app on your phone) and can be shared with your colleagues and co workers for meetings etc…

2018-11-01 021043049319..jpg

Anoher useful application that you can have both on your phone and Laptop is Wunderlist

I totally advice you to try them both you will manage your time more effectively.


The morning is to me the best time to start your organization process. all it takes is to wake up 10 or 15 minutes earlier than usual and set you daily to do list while sipping coffee! you can also do it the night before but try in the morning you have nothing to lose.


I suggest you to get yourself a weekly routine, always scheduale your meals, your grocery shopping day and shopping list, try to wake up a little earlier than usual and take more time to get your breakfast (or meditate! I personally wake up way earlier that I used to to enjoy the sunrise in silence and calm)

If you work or study you can also have a organization only dedicated to that purpose.

How to be more productive and organized
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