What I eat in a day

Hey guys! As we have some major delay on the blog challenge, I decided to post many articles per day to catch up! So if you checked my last article about fasting you know that I am trying to get all the junk food out of my system and doing my best to tame my insulin resistance.

My meals (2 or 1 it depends about how long I fast, and if I am hungry or not) are usually based on vegetables. I add to it some proteins (lentils, chickpeas, beans..) and some good fats (cheese, olive oil, olives…)


Here are some glimpses at what I can eat in a day (obviously I picked pictures of a whole week)



I love having fresh salads; I tend to make it different each time so I wouldn’t get bored. Onions, salad, kale, tomato, cucumber, olives, tuna, pickles, radish, carrots all mixed up together (depends on what I have but usually I have at least 5 veggies from this list) seasoned with some olive oil, salt black pepper and apple cider vinegar!20180313_150350-01-01


I am not that much into soups lately. After at least 16 hours of fasting I want something consistent. This week I went for a Turkish soup with some carrots, red lentils, some rice (a little), onion tomato paste, olive oil, water, cumin black pepper and salt.




20180311_155154-01I don’t drink many smoothies per day, and I prefer to alternate between smoothies and fruits. In order to make my fasting more efficient I try to lower down my carbs intake, and we all know that fruits are sweet. Sweet=sugar! So if I take a smoothie I make sure there are more veggies than fruits in it and I take it 2 or 3 days a week.

I generally put kale, spinach, cucumber, lemon, orange jus, carrots or roots. It all about what I have in the fridge.


Caffeine increases your metabolism so it’s all benefits. I take coffee no sugar or tea no sugar as well, mainly in the morning. If I have work to do (as preparing for an architecture presentation) I take a full cup of tea (with green tea and fresh mint) several times. My stomach handles tea better than coffee, besides it fills me up!













I happen to eat out side and I really don’t make my life a hell! I eat normally as anyone else (pizza more often) and I make sure to eat super healthy the next day. I also like having some eggs and spinach as a first meal, it’s easy for me to digest and it makes me feel like I’m having a late brunch!




I hope you enjoyed this article, I will make sure to share more ideas and recipes soon, in the mean time don’t forget to subscribe to the blog, like, comment or even share!

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