Losing weight? here is my experience with fasting

If you follow me on Instagram you probably know that i got on a « weight loss » and « healthy » lifestyle along with all of these instagramers things lately.

I kept the secret about the diet I was following in order to try it and talk with you about it in a proper way after a month of trial. How much did I lose? How did I make it? What is fasting? I’m going to tell you all about it. let’s go!

To a better understanding we must go back in time.

I’m not a “thin” person, I always took  advantage from my height for never looking “fat”, as any woman I generally store fat on my thighs (which is due to Estrogen, female hormone). For the remaining it is whether belly or arms.

My weight gain happened gradually, though I was gaining weight I would usually end up by losing it later on with some silly diet (yes diets are silly), I have never been over weight until last year!

I had a sudden and big weight loss by the beginning of 2017; I caught it up few months later by the end of summer. My weight gain was fast and abnormal, I found out later on that I had insulin resistance which made it easier for my body to store fat and KEEP IT!

Anyway, I closed my eyes and kept living my usual unhealthy lifestyle until I had my last trip to Monaco when I had all the difficulties of the world to find jeans that would fit me! Once back home I went on that unfriendly scale which revealed to me the horror of the situation: I WAS OVER WEIGHT.

I kept consuming sugar, not practicing and snacking all day long…it was obvious that I would end up to this drama. It was a heavy truth (in all the possible meanings lol)

I decided to take care of myself. I needed to change my way of living and most of all of “eating”. There was no way for me to go again through those silly diets that end up by make you gain double of what you lost.

In order to solve that issue, I went on looking for the reason why I was having such an easy time gaining weight and such a hard time losing it. Guess what. It’s neither the calories you consume or the sport you don’t practice that makes you fat…it’s your HORMONES!


The hormone responsible for stocking up fat is no one else but INSULIN. When you eat sugar, your pancreas produces insulin to allow your body cells to get opened and consume the sugar in the blood, a part of the sugar is stored in the liver (the liver releases this sugar when the blood sugar level starts to go down). The excess sugar is stored as a form of FAT with the help of your insulin. When you eat every 2 hours, you keep providing your body with sugar, which makes it, produce even more insulin. By making too much insulin, your body will get accustomed to it and your cells will no longer respond. You will make even more to force the way of the sugar to your cells. More sugar more insulin more fat. It’s a vicious circle.

Destock the fat:

To destock the fat the idea is easy. You must reduce your level of insulin in your blood. When I say reduce I mean TOTALLY, if you stop eating your liver will release its stock of sugar, this amount of sugar is limited which means that your body is going to look for another source of fuel few hours later. Here is when the GROWTH hormone it going to bless us with its appearing.

Growth hormone, will destock the fat mainly the one stored by your organs (liver, stomach, pancreas…)  or/and the freshly stored one. This fat will be decomposed and “burnt” (I try to make it easy for you to understand and not using complicated words). This decomposed fat will be your new fuel! Your body will no longer live on sugar but on fat! But how are we going to produce this hormone? Here is the trick: BY FASTING!


As it is said, fasting or intermittent fasting means, having periods of eating and periods of fasting. (that was the moment explanation thank you!)

Many studies have proven that restricted diets (counting your calories, low carb diet, high protein…) have all failed once stopped! Eating 3 times a day along with snacks, maintains a high level of insulin in your body. Unless you practice sport (A LOT OF IT, and always going for more sport) you will never be able to get to a perfect weight and maintain if you don’t burn what you eat knowing that your body is always storing fat because of insulin.

My experience:

I started fasting a month ago; I set myself a goal for duration of 4 months: losing 13kg

My goal wasn’t only to lose those 7 kg I got during summer, but to reach that perfect weight that matches my height (if you wonder I am 1m80).

I lost quite 6kg during this month WITHOUT any physical activity. I could have lost more if I didn’t mess around during the 3rd week.

Here is my progression:

Week 1:

I decided to go for and 18/6 fasting (18 hours fasting/6 hours eating). I’m not a breakfast addict so skipping it was super easy. I usually have a rich big meal by 14h and another one around 19h30. A lot of water all day long, and coffee/tea anytime I want (coffee and tea are okay during your hours of fasting as long as it is sugar free of course). I lost 4kg during this first week.

Week 2:

I Started changing my fasting/eating times along with the menu. Eating one meal today, 2 tomorrow, some sweets…I lost 1kg.

Week 3: DARAMA! I was getting myself « locked » psychologically in my diet, if i am hungry by 16h45 i tell myself: NO! No food until 17h, too much mess, not eating for 27hours, surrender to my sugar cravings…anyway, I gained 800gr knowing that I didn’t fast the day before. Thank god, I came across a video on youtube explaining how “tying” you in a diet can make it harder for you to lose weight. Fasting is not a diet! It’s a new way of eating and it should not be restricted decided then, to eat when I am hungry and stop when I am not. I decided not to lock myself in exact hours of eating and having 2 stable and rich meals a day along with a good and healthy food.

Week 4:

I went back to 16/8 then 18/6 gradually. Having salad at both meals, drinking lots of water with apple cider vinegar, you can check my détox drinks article in this link.

By the end of the week I lost 1kg and 400gr (I am really précised when it comes to weight). If I carry on this way I will go under the red line of the overweight by 2 weeks and reach my goal weight in less than 2 months! Not to mention that I will soon start having some zumba or walking 2 times a week! (what’s good with fasting is that you don’t need to go to the gym everyday!)

That was all for this month, I will see you next month for an update! Love you all!

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