Places to add to your Bucket list

Hey beautiful people! for today’s article I decided to make it in english because i believe that the pictures will express themselves more than I will, and therefor no need to fully understand English!

Since i discovered the facebook groupe WE ARE BACKPACKEUSE  (thank you Rym) I can’t stop planning (in my mind of course hahaha) new trips and enriching my Bucket list…So I told to myself « why wouldn’t I share the places I’ve been to, this way I might help others making their own lists? » LET’S GO:


I can’t make a list without speaking of my original country! One of the most beautiful cities I’ve been to is Tangier here is why:


Taking pictures with veggie seller’s! Most of them are strong women who work, they grow vegetables and fruits in their villages, then once a week go and sell them at the local market in the old town of Tangier! Usually dressed with their traditional outfits (taraza and fouta)

if you go to Tangier, you would be REALLY SILLY not to go the beach! Check the beach named « achakar » and let me know your feedback 👌


Ahh Italiaa mio amore!

Being an architecture student, I litteraly dreamt of visiting italy and especially the Pantheon of Rome! Here is why:

I won’t tell you all the places to go to in Rome but honestly…you will be blown away! (So blown away that you’ll sit on the flour)

If you go to Italy, you will (for sure!) Visit the tuscany…Pisa, firenze, sienna…here is my advice :eat pizza, and pasta, go to the local market of pisa (after checking the famous inclined tower),visit the house of galileo, chill around the river and take PICTURES!

Then of course if you want to step by VENEZIA!


who has never been or planned to go to spain?! I’ve been to several cities but zaragoza and Barcelona are my favourite! Here is why

Just in love with this Basilica. Worth the trip to it no doubt.


If you are stepping by Geneva then try to reproduce this posture and tagging me with the #divanissou

Lyon city, FRANCE

Again, you can of course check on trip advisor where to go and what to see but here are some glimpses:

If you are sensitive to architecutre you will fall in love with the Lyon St Exupery airport designed by Santiago Calatravo  (actually only the train station of the TGV taking to linked to the airport is designed by him)


Here it is! Of course I still have more places to add, but this will be all for this article! See you in the next one!

ps: Don’t forget to share with me your bucket list!

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